Be the first to experience MotorPlanit at home.

Soon you will be able to encourage your child’s development straight from the comfort of your home. Beta will be released soon and we are looking for adventurous parents to partake in our first release.

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Thank you for your interest in MotorPlanIt Beta!

If you are chosen to participate in our closed beta, we will use the contact information provided to reach out to you to be onboarded.

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Out of this world, developmental fun within your home base!

Make it easy to foster and monitor your child's development from the comfort of your own home.

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Make it easy to promote
your child's development.

MOTOR PLANit is a powerful, developmental program designed to enhance your child’s skills.  Our software-based program offers fun, motivating activities designed to challenge your child’s abilities.

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Fine motor skills

A yellow icon representing visual motor skills.

Visual motor and perceptual skills

A green icon representing strength.

Physical strengthening

An orange icon representing coordination.

Overall coordination

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Enhanced sensory processing

At Motor Planit, we strive to help children grow.

How we help kids

Exercise. That feels like games.

By engaging in carefully designed activities that motivate and excite your child, their skills will thrive and their abilities will flourish through everyday play experiences.

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Tailored for kids,
but with parents in mind.

We understand being a parent is hectic, especially in today’s era.  That’s why MOTOR PLANit works on your schedule and provides you with essential knowledge and education at your fingertips.

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Flexible Schedule

Work on your time, when it is convenient for you.

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New activities daily

New and exciting adventures offered each day.

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Everyday household items

Using items around the house, like a ball or a favorite stuffed animal, helps keep the activities simple to do.

Find out how your child can benefit from MOTOR PLANit