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Soon you will be able to encourage your child’s development straight from the comfort of your home. Beta will be released soon and we are looking for adventurous parents to partake in our first release.

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Thank you for your interest in MotorPlanIt Beta!

If you are chosen to participate in our closed beta, we will use the contact information provided to reach out to you to be onboarded.

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The Rewards of Having Fun.

MOTOR PLANit was developed with children of all abilities in mind. By making personalized, developmental activities easily accessible, affordable and fun, MOTOR PLANit delivers countless benefits to you and your child!

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Strengthen bonds

Enhances the child caregiver bond and educates families on supporting developmental growth.

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Safe at home, together

Creating memories and sharing laughter in the one place that means the most to you - your home.

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A more affordable approach to community-based play programs and pediatric therapy services.

A blue icon representing routine.


Provides a sense of routine and consistency during school vacations, weekends and potential lock-downs or crisis.

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Your child learns one-on-one with you, in a familiar, safe and comforting environment

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Something for everyone

Guided activities for children ages 3 through 12.  Supports children of all abilities, including those with special needs.

Kids will be kids... only better!

Through learning, practicing and mastering a variety of activities vital to development, MOTOR PLANit children become more successful in school, at home and within the community. We start with basic fundamentals and offer opportunities to modify activities that further challenge your child’s skills and abilities.

A maroon icon representing motor skills.

Fine motor skills

A yellow icon representing visual motor skills.

Visual motor & perceptual skills

A green icon representing strength.

Physical strengthening

An orange icon representing coordination.

Overall coordination

A blue icon representing sensory.

Enhanced sensory processing

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In the classroom

Strong developmental skills build a solid foundation for learning.  To be successful with higher level learning activities such as reading and writing, a child must have well integrated visual, motor and sensory abilities – all of which are addressed through MOTOR PLANit!

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Increases self-confidence and independence

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Improves focus and attention

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Fosters academic success

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In the Home

Let’s face it!  Life is hectic and managing all it has to offer can be overwhelming at times.  When children demonstrate increased success with self-help and play skills at home, you have more time to focus on what you need to accomplish!

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Independence with daily routines

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Encourages success with chores

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Improves self-help skills

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In the Community

We all want to see our children thrive in all aspects of their life.   Whether you and your child have aspirations for them to play a community sport, build friendships or simply participate successfully in daily outings, MOTOR PLANit can help support these goals.

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Fosters confidence

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Supports social development

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Improves physical performance

Find out how your child can benefit from MOTOR PLANit